Semi Permanent Lash Extensions













Individual lash extensions are applied lash by lash to your own lashes to give you longer lashes, natural thicker &  fuller. Depending on your lash cycle, lifestyle, and aftercare, they can last up to 6 weeks, but maintenance is recommended every two weeks for best results. Instant glamour, without the need to pile on the mascara!


Indivduals Eyelash Extensions


Full set of Lash Extensions £68.50 (60mins)

Individual Eyelashes applied to the top lashes only.


Half set Lash Extensions £34.25 (30mins)

Applied to top lashes only


Eyelash Flicks  £18.00 (30mins)

for the corners of the eyelashes 


Infills From £21- £26.00 (30mins) 

Depending on the individual


Russian Lashes  

by Lash Perfect



Full set of 3D /Russian Eyelash Extensions £79.00 (90mins)

More fuller high impact  & glamorous look


Infills for Russian eyelash extensions from £26.50 (45mins)


Strip Lash Application £5.00

Lash Removal (per 15mins) £6.00


























































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