Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Benefits of the Gel Nails :

We use The Gel Bottle INC


*Glides on like a polish , performs like a gel.

*Up to 3 weeks extended wear

*Extra Strength and longevity for manicures

*Chip Resistant

*No smudging

*Flawlessly dry in seconds

*Protects natural nails  



Gel Mini Manicure £21.00 (30-45mins)

shape & gel polish


Gel Mini Manicure with Nail Art or

mix of colours (60mins) £27.00


Gel Mini Manicure with BIAB (45mins) £25.00

Added extra strength to your natural nails, also includes cuticle

work shaped and gel polish.



Gel Mini Pedicure £23.00 (30mins)

Shape & Gel Polish


ZenSpa Pedicure with Gel £31.50 (60mins)

Foot soaked, hard skin is removed, feet are massaged with conditioning creams, cuticles are groomed, toe nails are shaped and finished with Gel polish



Nail Art from £2.00-£7.00


Removal of Gel Nails £5.00 (30mins)

(if reapplied Free of Charge) if you havent had your Gels done by Beauty by Roxanne then there will be a charge of £10.00 for removal

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