A full range of waxing services for Men and Women.

Waxperts Wax is the next generation in waxing. Using the latest technology, we have created a super felible wax range with NO double dipping policy. Perfect for even the most sensitive skins or strongest hair types. With a low melting point it is the most COMFORTABLE wax available


Waxperts is available in Strip and Hot wax .


1/2 Leg                                  

   £13.00 30mins


3/4 Leg                                    

  £18.00 45mins


Full Leg                                    

  £26.50 45mins


1/2 Arm                                  

 £10.50 30mins


Full Arm                                      

£15.00 45mins


Full Leg & Brazilian                    

£47.50 60mins


Full Leg & Hollywood                    

 £51.50 75mins                


Treatments only using Hot Wax :


Basic Bikini                                    

 £10.50 15mins


Extended Bikini

£13.00 30mins


Inbetweeny ( G-string)

£15.00 30mins


Brazilian (Landing strip)          

£27.50 45mins


Hollywood (Everything)            

   £31.50 60mins



£7.50 15mins


Upper Lip                              

£6.50 15mins



£6.50 15mins


Upper Lip & Chin                    

£9.50 20mins


Facial Wax                    

( inc cheeks, forehead and upper lip)

From £15.00 30mins




Back or Chest                            

 £20.00 Strip wax 30mins

£28.50 Hot wax 45mins


Back & Chest                            

from £40.00 Strip wax  75mins

From £57.00 Hot Wax 75mins


Eyebrow wax

£8.50 15mins


Nasal Wax

£8.50 15mins


Ear Wax

£8.50 15mins


Underarm wax

£10.50 15mins





Before & Aftercare Advice


*Hair must be at least an inch long in order to get the best results, shorter hair may not be able to be removed with

*AVOID tanning beds and sun exposure 24 hours after waxing .  


*Light exfoliation 24 hours prior to your appointment will reduce ingrown hairs.  After 48 hours of your appointment lightly exfoliate the area 3 times a week.  Moisturise the area daily.


*Strong perfumes, deodorants, hot showers, and excessive sweating should be avoided for 12 hours after waxing.


*Please do not shave in between appointments!  To maintain your smooth appearance it is recommended that you regularly wax the area every 4-6 weeks.



*PLEASE NOTE:  Small bumps, slight soreness and redness are common and perfectly normal, temporary reactions.  These should subside over the next 24-48 hours.  













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